• Chocolate Flan Cake

    If you are like one of those who finds ways to reduce work in kitchen then you are not alone; especially, around holidays, when the list of items keep increasing and you never know how to manage the load. Do no worry, MyHealth team is here not just to calm your holiday cooking stress but also to share a quick and easy recipe that would inevitably "wow" your family tastebuds without compromising your health.

    It's fit for folks struggling with any auto-immune conditions and is gut friendly as well. So even if you are diabetic or struggle with insulin resistance you can indulge in this dessert guilt-free.

    Impress your family with this thoughtful , inclusive and easy recipe.

    So lets get started…

  • Carrot Pudding

    As the festive season has already begun, MyHealth team is exploring several desserts to satiate your taste palate. It doesn’t come in easy since most desserts are not autoimmune friendly and are rich in processed sugar and low in nutritional value.
    Yet we find ways to enrich your plate with food that not only stands out in nutritional chart but also helps balance your autoimmune conditions.

    Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene and they are full of fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants. Its also essential and beneficial for your eye health. Given all its benefits , we had to explore carrots to see if we can make a healthy dish out of it and nothing sounded more tempting that a carrot pudding. Making it a perfect balance to achieve both nutrition and satiety.

    So lets get started…

  • Gluten free Lasagna

    Lasagna is one of the most popular Italian dish across the world. You can cook it in bulk and save the remaining in refrigerator or even freeze individual servings, which makes it a very handy family recipe. This deep casserole stye dish is also a classic for most occasions and is heavily admired by kids.

    Unfortunately the traditional dish is made of flour/gluten and is not good for your gut health. Its also spikes your insulin; so not suitable for folks watching/managing their sugar or diabetes. Also the traditional dish is heavy on carbs; so not suitable for folks who are trying to manage their weight or for people who are trying to follow a keto lifestyle.

    Considering all these factors, MyHealth team explored options and tried to make this popular dish inclusive for all by making it gluten free, gut and diabetic friendly. We also explored on using Italian imported Fontal cheese, a pasteurized cheese; so women who are pregnant can also relish it.

    We have purposefully stayed away from tomatoes which is used in the traditional recipe to make it conveniently healthy for all. However if you do wish you to include tomatoes then you could use strained tomatoes or tomatoes with their seeds and skin removed. It tastes yummy even without tomatoes so don’t worry about it.

    So lets get started…

  • Stuffed Mushrooms

    Stuffed mushrooms is always a hit in any party. This simple, yet mouth watering dish makes an excellent appetizer and is perfect for all occasions. What makes it so popular is that the filling can be customized entirely based on your dietary needs and taste. Crab stuffed mushrooms are quite popular. Today we wanted to try something more relaxed based on what’s readily available as we understand its not that easy to find wild caught crab meat everywhere. We went with a simple yet mouth-watering vegetarian stuffing which will blow your mind and will be easy not your wallet.

    So lets get started…

  • Healthy Syrup Filled Donuts (Gulab Jamun)

    One of our all time favorite Indian desserts is gulab jamuns. There’s something alluring about this syrup ball; it instantly melts into your mouth and the strong flavors kick in your taste buds.

    On the occasion of Navratri and Dusherra a popular Indian festival that spans over nine days and nights, MyHealth team wanted to experiment and see if we can redo the traditional recipe to make it gluten free and sugar free. So anyone suffering from pre-existing/chronic conditions, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases would not feel left out in this celebration.

    So lets get started.

  • Vegan Air Fried Samosa

    Samosa is one of the most popular appetizers served across the globe. This staple in every Indian restaurant menu has made its way to global kitchen. One of the reasons for its popularity is that this dish has survived over centuries and the filling can be customized based on local cultural preference.

    However this savory pasty is traditionally made with all purpose flour and stuffed potatoes. Also the dish is deep fried in oil. Therefore the traditional dish is not suitable for folks suffering from autoimmune conditions especially those suffering from diabetes, PCOS and any sort of gluten sensitivity. Further, deep frying makes it undesirable for folks managing their cholesterol.

    Myhealth team like always wanted to make a healthier version of this famous dish so that everyone feels comfortable to relish this dish.

    So lets get started…

  • Choco-coco Gluten free cookies

    The dipping temperature adds another charm to baking. Enjoy fall colors in your backyard, dunking these grain free cookies in your favorite hot drink.

    These healthier cookies are your perfect companion for an after lunch snack or to serve your guests.
    Created with your health in mind, these cookies are low glycemic, gluten free and lectin free making it compatible to your gut. So if you suffer from celiac issues, IBD, IBS or watching your sugar intake, these are perfect for you. Also if you have high cholesterol , these are fine to be consumed as these are made with nuts that helps balance your bad cholesterol.

    So lets get started…

  • Spinach Ciliegine

    One of our all time favorite recipes is "palak paneer". We love it because spinach is an excellent source of protein and vitamins. It is excellent source of folate and iron. However if you suffer from thyroid conditions, specially under-active thyroid, then we do suggest to avoid eating raw spinach as it is a cruciferous veggie.

    This recipe has been modified to keep your thyroid health in mind and reduce oxalate content.

    Also this recipe has been created to keep your gut health in mind therefore we have taken extra precaution to reduce lectin content.Therefore if you suffer from any auto-immune condition you can safely indulge in this dish.

    We also kept the recipe simple and quick, so you can prepare this dish even on busy day. If you prefer the traditional version with actual paneer, then stay tuned; we will go a separate segment on how to make healthy and fresh paneer at home.

    So lets get started…

  • Rainbow Creamy Casserole

    We really like the concept of one large platter that can be carried to any potluck /get-together. It is simple to cook and takes minimal effort; in addition it turns out delicious every time. If you are like us and prefer cooking in bulk, then this dish is for you. It will serve your family long. Your kids would love it as well since it is not spicy at all. Yet, it has the eastern flavors to kick your taste-buds.

    All ingredients are chosen wisely to keep your gut health and autoimmune conditions in mind; so go ahead and indulge yourself in this guilt-free and filling recipe.

    So lets get started…

  • Gluten free Chicken-Egg Roll

    Last year a couple of our team memebers visited Kolkata, India and they was amazed by its street food. It' s called the city of joy for a reason; you have to checkout the variety of street-food it offers and everything is very cheaply priced. So do checkout the next time you visit India and share your thoughts with us.

    We were particularly impressed by the egg rolls , chicken rolls and chicken-egg rolls. We could watch the person making it for hours, and it is no less than a street-art. You have to know when to add the eggs , when to flip the roti and then add the remaining ingredients. We thought this would need quite a practice but we were surprised that we were able to make it easily after watching just one video on Google. So we suggest you doing the same if you need more visuals.

    MyHealth team wanted to figure out how we can make this famous dish healthy so everyone can have it without compromising their health.

    This is a grain free, gluten free, dairy free , soy free , shellfish free and nut free recipe; so if you or your loved one is allergic to any of those then you can totally indulge in this recipe without any worries.

    Also this recipe is high in protein and good fat and low in carbs; so if you are trying to loose weight or are watching your sugar or cholesterol then this is a worry free indulgence for you.

    Bonus point; it is a portable dish, so it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining/picnics.

    So lets get started.

  • Multi-strain Yogurt

    Yogurt is the most popular and readily available probiotic source however unfortunately most of the store bought yogurts have sugar content equivalent to a candy. This make this healthy kitchen staple one of the unhealthiest item in your shopping cart.

    Most of the yogurt brands available in the market add other additives to enhance thickness, flavor and color which are all no good for your health.

    Also most yogurts readily available contain single strain of probiotic. MyHealth Team not only wanted to experiment and see how we can make a healthier version of your vegan and non-vegan yogurts but also we wanted to see if we can make a multi-strain probiotic yogurt that can feed and support your gut-flora. We are using 24 strain probiotic in our recipe however you could use any multi-strain probiotic. The higher the number of strains the more you are helping your gut buddies and their species to thrive.

  • Gluten-free & Vegan Chocolate Cake

    Who doesn’t crave for chocolate? And what’s better than a chocolate cake!! Call it death by chocolate by adding the extra chocolate frosting. Perfect for any special occasion and everyone’s all time favorite classic.

    But you wished that you didn’t have to think about all those extra calories, nasty sugar spike and loading on those extra pounds.
    Luckily you have us . MyHealth team is always finding creative ways to turn your cravings into healthy recipes which won’t bounce your numbers on the scale but would keep you healthy and you would be able to manage any allergies and auto-immune conditions.

    So lets get started.

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