• Gluten free Chicken-Egg Roll

    Last year a couple of our team memebers visited Kolkata, India and they was amazed by its street food. It' s called the city of joy for a reason; you have to checkout the variety of street-food it offers and everything is very cheaply priced. So do checkout the next time you visit India and share your thoughts with us.

    We were particularly impressed by the egg rolls , chicken rolls and chicken-egg rolls. We could watch the person making it for hours, and it is no less than a street-art. You have to know when to add the eggs , when to flip the roti and then add the remaining ingredients. We thought this would need quite a practice but we were surprised that we were able to make it easily after watching just one video on Google. So we suggest you doing the same if you need more visuals.

    MyHealth team wanted to figure out how we can make this famous dish healthy so everyone can have it without compromising their health.

    This is a grain free, gluten free, dairy free , soy free , shellfish free and nut free recipe; so if you or your loved one is allergic to any of those then you can totally indulge in this recipe without any worries.

    Also this recipe is high in protein and good fat and low in carbs; so if you are trying to loose weight or are watching your sugar or cholesterol then this is a worry free indulgence for you.

    Bonus point; it is a portable dish, so it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining/picnics.

    So lets get started.

  • Multi-strain Yogurt

    Yogurt is the most popular and readily available probiotic source however unfortunately most of the store bought yogurts have sugar content equivalent to a candy. This make this healthy kitchen staple one of the unhealthiest item in your shopping cart.

    Most of the yogurt brands available in the market add other additives to enhance thickness, flavor and color which are all no good for your health.

    Also most yogurts readily available contain single strain of probiotic. MyHealth Team not only wanted to experiment and see how we can make a healthier version of your vegan and non-vegan yogurts but also we wanted to see if we can make a multi-strain probiotic yogurt that can feed and support your gut-flora. We are using 24 strain probiotic in our recipe however you could use any multi-strain probiotic. The higher the number of strains the more you are helping your gut buddies and their species to thrive.

  • Gluten-free & Vegan Chocolate Cake

    Who doesn’t crave for chocolate? And what’s better than a chocolate cake!! Call it death by chocolate by adding the extra chocolate frosting. Perfect for any special occasion and everyone’s all time favorite classic.

    But you wished that you didn’t have to think about all those extra calories, nasty sugar spike and loading on those extra pounds.
    Luckily you have us . MyHealth team is always finding creative ways to turn your cravings into healthy recipes which won’t bounce your numbers on the scale but would keep you healthy and you would be able to manage any allergies and auto-immune conditions.

    So lets get started.

  • Low Histamine Pad Thai

    Shirataki noodles is also known as Miracle Noodles for strong reasons. Its high in fiber which slows down its breakdown. Therefore it doesn’t give you an immediate insulin spike. It is also great for people struggling with celiac disease as it is gentle on your stomach. It is gut friendly and helps with auto-immune disease management and is a great substitute for traditional noodles. Its my personal favorite for asian flavored noodle preparations. It is low caloric as well; so if you are one of those who likes to track your calories then go for it.

    This recipe is low-allergic and low-histamine and is free of soy, grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, sesame, peanuts, nightshades and corn. So if you or your loved one is allergic to any of these then this recipe is meant for you.

    I have also included Vegetarian and Vegan friendly substitutes to make it inclusive for all. You are welcome !!

    So lets get started…

  • Mushroom Risotto

    I have been recently experimenting with gluten free grains and my new favorite is Millet.

    For those who have never heard of this grain, here’s a crash course to catch up to speed. Millet is one of the rarest kind of grain that is gut friendly; meaning it will support your gut flora and protect your immune system. Millet is nutritious and easy to digest making it an excellent choice for folks fighting colon issues.
    Its is also low glycemic making it a marvelous choice for diabetics, PCOS and sugar watchers.

    This is a quick recipe and one cup of millet cooks enough for me to last 5-7 days.This is a high caloric item so i consume it in small portions

  • Healthy Fish Fry

    I was once afraid to have seafood because of fear of ingesting ocean plastic. However a friend of mine intrigued me with wildcaught fish benefits. I have to admit, I was ignorant at that time and have now spent enough time understanding the downsides of having farmraised fish.

    The biggest reason you want to avoid anything farmraised is because its mostly raised on corn and soy products which have damaging effect on your gut health . And if you keep consuming such farmraised protein, then over time, you will pay the price with a weak immune system and may also end up with disrupted hormones and a bunch of auto immune diseases . Top all this will a fish fry batter that is filled with gluten and unfriendly oil and we are taking about a case of havoc.

    The good news is, this is preventable by shopping smartly and preping your food with natural ingredients.

    At Myhealth.FYI, we always try to keep minimal ingredients to make your food compatible to your health. No gimmicks and absolutely easy to cook even by kids!

    All you will need is three ingredients for seafood marination. I am using salmon as its loaded with nutrients and has anti inflammatory effects. Women, who are trying to coceive or are suffering from PCOS, would benefit a lot from salmon because of its high concentration of folic acid.

    So lets get started.

  • Grain-free Pizza Bites

    Not sure about you guys, however I do crave for pizza at least once a week. However its unfortunate that most pizzas readily available either at restaurants or at supermarkets contain wheat or additives that has detrimental effect on your immune system. And more than 7% of Americans who suffer from one or more auto immune disease or an estimated 18M Americans who are sensitive to gluten cannot have it.

    Combine both these two stats and you have a big enough reason to look for a grain free and gluten free pizza. Until restaurants start offering such healthy options , MyHealth.FYI team is there for you. We always look for creative ways to share nutritious recipes that help manage your health and enhance your gut . So lets get started.

  • French Fries

    Gave a try to my fancy new Mychefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer+ Rotisserie, Dehydrator, Convection Oven

    This is spacious, sturdy and perfect to cook large portions and help with meal planning. Also ideal when you are entertaining a big crowd.
    I love french fries however I always try to avoid them because they are usually deep-fried and loaded in trans fat.
    Also I try to avoid potatoes in general as they shoot your insulin. However sweet potatoes and taro are my favorite alternates to potatoes. Taro is a healthy resistant-starch and can be consumed as one small serving per meal.

    I tried making two flavors of these fries at once by splitting those into two portions. I personally liked the spicy Masala fries more; however the salt & pepper blend is always a classic and closer to the taste of potato french-fries.

  • Allergen and Gut Friendly Lettuce Wraps

    Who doesn’t like an old fashioned lettuce wrap. Its light, its appetizing and yet it wraps you in its bold flavors and earthen spices. But what if there was an healthier way to cook it so you didn’t have to worry about the soy sauce damaging your gut. This allergen free recipe has been purposefully kept simple to make it egg free , dairy free , soy free. You can also make it nuts free by eliminating the nuts mentioned in ingredients.
    Similarly I have mentioned a vegan substitute below to make it both vegetarian and vegan friendly. So lets get started…

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