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Chocolate Flan Cake

Chocolate Flan Cake


If you are like one of those who finds ways to reduce work in kitchen then you are not alone; especially, around holidays, when the list of items keep increasing and you never know how to manage the load. Do no worry, MyHealth team is here not just to calm your holiday cooking stress but also to share a quick and easy recipe that would inevitably "wow" your family tastebuds without compromising your health.

It's fit for folks struggling with any auto-immune conditions and is gut friendly as well. So even if you are diabetic or struggle with insulin resistance you can indulge in this dessert guilt-free.

Impress your family with this thoughtful , inclusive and easy recipe.

So lets get started…

Chocolate Flan Cake

How to make

Prepping the Carmel coating

- In a pan take 1 tablespoon of filtered water and add three table spoon of swerve to it. Mix thoroughly and let the mix boil. Once the mix starts boiling remove it from stove.
- Take any instant pot safe container and pour the caramel mix to it to coat the bottom of the container consistently. Leave the container for few minutes for the caramel layer to solidify.

Prepping A2 milk from A2 milk powder

If you already have A2 milk at home, you may skip the following steps.

- Mix five table spoons of A2 milk powder in 1 cup of warm filtered water.
- Add one and half table spoon of Swerve (or adjust to taste) and one table spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder (optional) to the milk. Mix thoroughly. If you prefer plain flan then skip the cocoa powder.

Prepping and cooking the flan

- In a mixing bowl add one pasture raised egg which is already at room temperature and whisk it properly.
- Once the chocolate milk is at room temperature add to the egg and whisk again.
- Transfer this mix to the instant pot safe container and wrap the container with some aluminum foil.
- Add a trivet and pour water to the instant pot till the water reaches height of trivet.
- Now place the instant pot safe container on the trivet.
- Steam flan for 12 minutes at normal pressure and ensure that the instant pot whistle is on sealing position.
- Once the time is up let the steam release naturally for 15 minutes followed by releasing rest of the pressure manually.
- Carefully take the container out of instant pot as things will be steaming hot. Let it cool for a few minutes to bring it to room temperature before refrigerating it for a few hours. We suggest refrigeration overnight for best results; however if that's not possible then try to refrigerate it for at least 4-6 hours.
- To transfer the flan , place a platter on top and slowly and carefully turn it upside down.


  • 5 teaspoons of organic and grass fed A2 milk powder OR 1 cup A2 milk

  • One pasture raised egg at room temperature

  • Swerve to taste

  • Organic and unsweetened cocoa powder (optional)

  • 1 cup +1 tablespoon filtered water

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