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Vegan Air Fried Samosa

Vegan Air Fried Samosa


Samosa is one of the most popular appetizers served across the globe. This staple in every Indian restaurant menu has made its way to global kitchen. One of the reasons for its popularity is that this dish has survived over centuries and the filling can be customized based on local cultural preference.

However this savory pasty is traditionally made with all purpose flour and stuffed potatoes. Also the dish is deep fried in oil. Therefore the traditional dish is not suitable for folks suffering from autoimmune conditions especially those suffering from diabetes, PCOS and any sort of gluten sensitivity. Further, deep frying makes it undesirable for folks managing their cholesterol.

Myhealth team like always wanted to make a healthier version of this famous dish so that everyone feels comfortable to relish this dish.

So lets get started…

Vegan Air Fried Samosa

How to make

Prepping the Vegan filling:

- Wash and remove soil and dirt if any present from taro
- Place taros in instant pot and add sufficient water
- Add some salt and a bayleaf and a cinnamon stick
- Pressure cook for 5 mins
- Quick steam release
- Drain the water and wash the Taros in cold water
- Peel the Taros
- Wash the instant pot and add some coconut oil to it on Saute mode
- Add some Asafoetida and cumin to hot oil
- Let the cumin sputter before adding some chopped onions
- Add ground black pepper, ginger powder and peeled taro to the mix.
- Use a potato masher to mash the taro and mix all contents thoroughly. Add some extra oil if required.
- Switch off the instant pot and add some dried green mango powder to taste. Dried Green Mango powder will add tanginess to the taste.

Prepping the Samosa dough:

- Mix blanched almond flour, topiaca flour and ginger and some salt in a mixing bowl.
- Add some warm unsweetened coconut milk slowly to the mix to make a dough.
- Cover the dough for 10 mins.

Prepping Samosas:

- Make small balls of the dough and roll it into small tortillas on a parchment paper
- Apply some melted coconut oil at the rim of the tortilla
- Add some vegan filling at the center of the tortillas
- Using the parchment paper start folding the tortillas in triangular shape .
- Press any open edges to seal them with hand and brush the samosa with some melted coconut oil
- Similarly repeat the process for the remaining samosas
- Line the samosas in an air fryer rack on a parchment paper

Air frying Samosa:

- Air fry the samosas at 380 F for 10-12 mins.
- Pause the air fryer after 5 mins
- Flip the samosas and add a fresh coat of melted coconut oil before continuing to air frying for remaining time.


  • 1 cup organic and blanched almond flour

  • 1/2 cup topiaca flour

  • 1/4 cup warm unsweetened coconut milk

  • Organic Taro

  • Organic diced onions

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Organic asafoetida

  • Organic cumin

  • 1 organic bayleaf

  • 1 organic cinnamon stick

  • Salt to taste

  • Ground black pepper

  • Organic ginger powder

  • Organic dried green mango powder

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