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Spinach Ciliegine

Spinach Ciliegine


One of our all time favorite recipes is "palak paneer". We love it because spinach is an excellent source of protein and vitamins. It is excellent source of folate and iron. However if you suffer from thyroid conditions, specially under-active thyroid, then we do suggest to avoid eating raw spinach as it is a cruciferous veggie.

This recipe has been modified to keep your thyroid health in mind and reduce oxalate content.

Also this recipe has been created to keep your gut health in mind therefore we have taken extra precaution to reduce lectin content.Therefore if you suffer from any auto-immune condition you can safely indulge in this dish.

We also kept the recipe simple and quick, so you can prepare this dish even on busy day. If you prefer the traditional version with actual paneer, then stay tuned; we will go a separate segment on how to make healthy and fresh paneer at home.

So lets get started…

Spinach Ciliegine

How to make

Prepping tomato sauce

- If you are unable to find imported strained tomato sauce from Italy then use this method to make your own sauce at home. you can make in bulk and freeze it.
-Peel the tomato skin and cut them to remove the seeds.
-You can use a spoon to remove seeds.
-Alternately you can make a cross on the tomato and boil them in hot water , this should help to remove the skin.

Prepping spinach sauce

- Take washed baby spinach in a blender. I use my smoothie maker and it turns out just fine.
- Add whole/minced garlic
- Add salt to taste
- Add some tomato sauce
- Add some water and blend all ingredients till you see a thick paste.


- We will use an instant pot for this recipe; however you can use any pressure cooker or stove pan. We suggest to pressure cook tomatoes and spinach to remove any traces of lectin and oxalate.
- Click Saute mode on Instant pot and add some EVOO or virgin avocado oil
- Add cumin seeds and asafoetida let the cumin temper
- Add some onions and cook for few minutes till the oil starts separating from onions.
- Add the spinach sauce and cook for few minutes.
- Check for tanginess, you can make it tangier by adding more tomato sauce.
- Cancel Sauce mode and close the IP lid and pressure cook for a min or two.Quick release steam.
- Your spinach sauce will now appear darker in color, check for salt.
- Now add grounded garam masala to the sauce and one spoon of ghee.
- Stir well before pouring in a serving dish.
- Add the mozzarella balls to the sauce. Serve warm and save leftovers in glass container. You can also freeze any leftovers.


  • Organic fresh baby spinach

  • Organic and strained tomato sauce from Italy. Alternately you can make the sauce at home

  • Organic peeled, whole/minced garlic

  • Ciliegine mozzarella balls made out of any A2 milk. We prefer Buffalo milk ciliegine mozzarella made with grass fed buffalo milk.

  • Organic garam- masala

  • Organic cumin

  • Organic asafoetida

  • Organic diced onions

  • Salt to taste

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or organic virgin avocado oil

  • Purified water

  • Organic ghee

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