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Healthy Fish Fry

Healthy Fish Fry


I was once afraid to have seafood because of fear of ingesting ocean plastic. However a friend of mine intrigued me with wildcaught fish benefits. I have to admit, I was ignorant at that time and have now spent enough time understanding the downsides of having farmraised fish.

The biggest reason you want to avoid anything farmraised is because its mostly raised on corn and soy products which have damaging effect on your gut health . And if you keep consuming such farmraised protein, then over time, you will pay the price with a weak immune system and may also end up with disrupted hormones and a bunch of auto immune diseases . Top all this will a fish fry batter that is filled with gluten and unfriendly oil and we are taking about a case of havoc.

The good news is, this is preventable by shopping smartly and preping your food with natural ingredients.

At Myhealth.FYI, we always try to keep minimal ingredients to make your food compatible to your health. No gimmicks and absolutely easy to cook even by kids!

All you will need is three ingredients for seafood marination. I am using salmon as its loaded with nutrients and has anti inflammatory effects. Women, who are trying to coceive or are suffering from PCOS, would benefit a lot from salmon because of its high concentration of folic acid.

So lets get started.

Healthy Fish Fry

How to make

- Coat ingredients well and marinate for at least 15 mins

- Line parchment paper in an air fryer tray
- Place your marinated salmon pieces and cook at 400F for 10 mins
- Pauce airfrying into 5 mins and rotate the pieces and resume airfrying
- If you have a big airfryer with multiple racks then swap the rack positions before proceeding

Taa-daa your healthy frish-fry is ready. Adding turmeric makes the recipe more anti-inflammatory and also acts like an anti-bacterial and imparts a slight yellow tinge.

Serve warm and eat it as it is or use this later to make fish curry. You can also pair this fishfry with some lentil soup and Indian basmati rice or millet or sorgham.

Give this immune boosting easy breezy recipe a try and don’t forget to share your comments .
Bon appetite !!


  • Washed ,cleaned and cut wild caught salmon pieces

  • Turmeric

  • Salt

  • Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

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