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Allergen and Gut Friendly Lettuce Wraps

Allergen and Gut Friendly Lettuce Wraps


Who doesn’t like an old fashioned lettuce wrap. Its light, its appetizing and yet it wraps you in its bold flavors and earthen spices. But what if there was an healthier way to cook it so you didn’t have to worry about the soy sauce damaging your gut. This allergen free recipe has been purposefully kept simple to make it egg free , dairy free , soy free. You can also make it nuts free by eliminating the nuts mentioned in ingredients.
Similarly I have mentioned a vegan substitute below to make it both vegetarian and vegan friendly. So lets get started…

Allergen and Gut Friendly Lettuce Wraps

How to make

- In a pan or Instant pot coat some EVOO and add minced garlic and chopped walnuts
- Add the onion and let it cook for few mins. Add the other veggies and cook for a few mins
- If you are making the non-vegetarian version then add the minced chicken and sauté for few mins.
- If you are using the instant pot then switch off the Sauté mode and now close the lid and pressure cook the chicken with veggies for 6 mins. OR If you are cooking the vegetarian version then you can continue sautéing till the ingredients cook
- Add some Coconut Aminos and salt as per taste
- Add a dash of fresh lime juice for bolder taste
- Lay a bunch of lettuces or romaines on a serving dish and add the filling. Serve hot.

Eat it as an appetizer or as an entree . Give this simple yet bold flavored recipe a try and do not forget to share your feedback. Bon appetite


  • Any finely chopped veggies of your choice. I have picked mushrooms, carrots , scallions and some onions for its versatility and gut friendly nature.

  • Chopped walnuts (if you are allergic to nuts you can skip this)

  • Coconut Aminos ( replacement for Soy sauce and also gut friendly)

  • Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

  • Grounded #pastureraised chicken for non-vegetarians

  • Minced garlic ,some fresh lime juice, salt

  • Fresh organic Lettuce .I ran out of lettuce so went with Romaine

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