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Rainbow Creamy Casserole

Rainbow Creamy Casserole


We really like the concept of one large platter that can be carried to any potluck /get-together. It is simple to cook and takes minimal effort; in addition it turns out delicious every time. If you are like us and prefer cooking in bulk, then this dish is for you. It will serve your family long. Your kids would love it as well since it is not spicy at all. Yet, it has the eastern flavors to kick your taste-buds.

All ingredients are chosen wisely to keep your gut health and autoimmune conditions in mind; so go ahead and indulge yourself in this guilt-free and filling recipe.

So lets get started…

Rainbow Creamy Casserole

How to make

- Preheat oven at 400 F.
- Take an oven safe baking tray and grease it well with ghee. If you plan to use a parchment paper, line the container
- Add the chopped veggies, we are using mushrooms, scallions, carrots and cauliflower; however you can add any veggies of your choice.

Prepping sauce

- Now in a pan melt some butter
- Add the minced garlic and the whole gram masala, this will give a nice Indian-Italian fusion taste to our white sauce.
- Stir for a few minutes and then add some blanched almond flour.
- Stir continuously for a few minutes to make sure that the almond flour doesn’t burn. After the flour roasts well, add some coconut cream to the mix.
- Add grated Parmigiano Reggiano and ground pepper as per taste to the sauce.
- Stir for a few minutes and let the mix boil.
- Pour the hot sauce over the veggie platter and mix well so all veggies are well covered in sauce. Bake the veggie platter for 50-60 minutes,;check for doneness by inserting a toothpick or fork in some veggies. Extend baking time accordingly.
- Grate some fresh cheese before serving.

There you go, your single tray creamy veggie platter is ready to be served. You can serve in same container. Serve with your favorite grain free pasta or bread. It tastes good with everything. Save any leftovers!


  • Organic mushrooms

  • Organic chopped scallions

  • Organic chopped carrots

  • Organic cauliflower florets

  • Organic chopped sweetpotato (use in moderation if you have insulin resistance/ PCOS /diabetes)

  • Organic minced garlic

  • A2 milk butter

  • Grated Parmigiano Reggiano or your favorite Italian/Swiss/French cheese. Just make sure it is organic

  • Organic coconut cream

  • Organic and blanched almond flour

  •  Ghee

  • Whole garam masala (cloves, black pepper, bay leaves and cinnamon). Make sure you use organic and non-GMO brands.

  • Ground fresh pepper

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